Quantum on-site care performed by Carmen Belafonte, do not require physical contact with the person. At the connection, she has so much power, because in the quantum approach, distance n & rsquo; not exist and the person may be in n & rsquo; anywhere on the Planet. N It & rsquo; needs & rsquo; any preparation, no special requirements, and nobody & rsquo; not need to know when the task is done.

The difference between a care on site and remote care is human contact and information exchange that gives the person realize faster.

During (or) meeting(s) su place, he asked the & rsquo; unconscious person, that are brought to the surface the information conveyed, form of vibration or energy fields in different body, either physical, mental, emotional, and / or spiritual, engrammées remained at some point in his life ; fix will allow the person to really take charge and regain his welfare.

Once Carmen Belafonte received the & rsquo; information of this vibration blocked, they are corrected by the practice of "energy Intention" : it is an order issued from the & rsquo; Mind and Heart, which changes the vibration frequency of the vibration to correct the information, and that s & rsquo; fades.

This process is still registered, and I indicate to the person the information that has been worked, but it has only information and the person n & rsquo value, has more to worry about SINCE & rsquo; were eliminated.

L’inconscient de la personne choisit toujours les informations qui doivent être nettoyées dans l’ordre considéré comme le plus important ; sometimes, the task is stopped, considered completed, energy since each act we do has many d & rsquo; information and it takes time.

When the information is corrected, it is possible that the person notices fast and effective change or rather the changes are subtle and slow. It even happens that & rsquo; family and social circle is aware of changes before the person living this change.

It was noticeable that & rsquo; one person can have about 300 emotions blocked, but n & rsquo; not have to clean them all, puisque plusieurs sont «dormantes» ; this means that they are at a frequency level which is not one of arousal and they in no way detrimental to the life of the person.

However, when we happen to experience an event that vibrates at exactly the same level as a situation experienced in our past, this vibratory phenomenon awakens something in us and that's when the problems come.

Blocked emotions, a more attractive clinically, may have solidified in field weakened and form a barrier that prevents the free flow of vital energy, lead to an imbalance, s & rsquo; he n & rsquo; uncorrected, prevents healing.

Session time: 1H00


Recall: Under no circumstances, you need to stop or change your medical treatment without consulting your doctor.