I invite you to a highly initiatory solidarity trip to the land of my ancestors : Peru.

This trip will be under the guidance of exceptional Q'eros Rolando Pauccar Calcina priest who share we know its quantum and metaphysical knowledge from its high Inca line. He will give us some secrets kept intact since 500 years and today are caused to be disseminated more widely. In sacred places full of history and we will be guided meditations and rituals to reconnect with our inner being.

The strength and power all shamanic nature will accompany us and teach us throughout our journey. Pachamama, Mother Earth, take care of us.

We will have the chance to be fully immersed in Q'eros territory and thus to have the privilege of living our appointment into the unknown. Namely that the nation Q'eros sacred land and isolated near 4000 meters, is classified as intangible cultural heritage living in Peru.

This is a solidarity trip because we work with the economy of the inhabitants of Q'eros and offer school supplies to a school.

I would like to share with you, as a translator and companion, these unique moments.

Rolando, his family and the community Q'eros rejoice to find ourselves in Cusco with this exceptional and rare program.

Carmen Belafonte.